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Irene - Wakonda Power Club

IW POWER CLUB is our schools strength and conditioning program that goes on all year round.


Our summer program is 4 days a week and more intense for grades 7-12. This type of training is extremely important in building and maintaining success in our athletics. We try to fundraise and make financial situations easier for our families. We don’t want money to be an issue or reason why a kid elects not to be apart of this program.

During the school year, our program is 2 days a week scheduled around our athletic schedule for each sport. It’s vital that we maintain our speed, quickness, and strength that we gained during summer training. Along with training, nutrition is vital in athletic success. Our program provides and pays for chocolate milk after every session for every athlete.

We are excited to keep this program going, and we couldn’t do it without our sponsors and the support from our parents and communities. So thank you so much to all that has donated money and time into this. *This program is also available two days a week for grades 3-6 during the summer. We will look forward to implanting parts of the program into our elementary PE class in the near future.

We like to thank Mark Rozen for his expertise in providing the workouts for our kids. We also like to thank Cade Rickford and other coaches that are licensed that have helped run the workouts for our athletes along the way. We look forward to keeping this in our school and community for years to come.

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