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Irene Volunteer Fire Department


The Irene Volunteer Fire Department serves the community of Irene and the Irene Fire District.

Fire Chief phone number: 605.760.1058 (non emergency only)

Fire Chief: Matt Knodel

Assistant Chief: Tim Ganschow

Secretary: Bryant Knodel

Treasurer: Brian Spurrell

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Our responsibility’s as volunteer firemen are quite large, we respond to all emergency situations in the town of Irene and the outlaying area of Irene within our fire district.  These type of emergencies can be any of the following: house fires, grass fires, vehicle accidents, spotting weather to report back to the community, and assisting the First Responders with lifting to landing a helicopter if needed. We also do controlled burns for the local farmers, that can be CRP acres to old buildings or even burning down a old house. The Fire Department is always on the front line helping out, whether it be with the man power or even equipment we can provide.


We try to have two fundraisers a year. The first one is in April when we serve breakfast on Palm Sunday at the Irene Community Center and our second one is In October where we have a open house with a pork loin supper.

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