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Irene - Wakonda After Prom

Prom Season is one of the most dangerous times for teens due to underage drinking. Teens report that during prom time, alcohol related peer pressure is at its highest point. We all hope our teens will exercise good judgment, but the reality of peer pressure and sometimes bad decision making on the part of our teens raise concerns of parents. Our concerns are the reason the Irene-Wakonda After Prom Party is so crucial for our community.
The After Prom Party guarantees that our teens have an opportunity to be safe and to have a great time with their classmates and friends. In order to host this program we hold many fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds. However some of our funding has to come from donations from area businesses, organizations and also from friends and family.


Brandy McDonald at 605.940.8539  

Heather Logue at 605.661.9799

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