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Irene Community Development Corporation


The ICDC was formed to assist in the economic development of the City.


The Irene Community Development Corporation meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Noon.

The ICDC sponsored a new welcome signs as you come into Irene! There was one placed on the east edge of Irene just below the water tower, you will find a new sign welcoming some of us home and making a positive first impression to visitors.  The new sign recognizes Irene’s Miss South Dakota and Miss South Dakota USA achievements.  The sign is positioned next to our sports recognition sign.  The ICDC understands the importance of celebrating the achievements of our local residents and building hometown pride. When you look at the sign, we hope you will feel connected to the growth and improvement of our hometown. 

The ICDC also sponsors a quarterly business spotlight program & other events promoting a positive impact on our community for social and economic growth.


Brendon Hansen, President

Larry Johnke, Vice President

Casey VanBeek, Secretary/Treasurer

Brittany Cihak, Community Development Coordinator

Beth Davis

Josh Huth

Berniece Hansen

Robin Stockland

Suzanne Torgerson



Brendon Hanson, President - 605-661-0086


Brittany Cihak, Community Development Coordinator - 605-464-4116

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